How to choose your physician

You deserve world-class healthcare that is close to home and can serve your family's ongoing needs.

HonorHealth's patient-centric approach creates an environment where a medical team, led by your primary care physician, establishes a relationship that starts with you. This is our commitment to making healthy personal. Your primary care physician is responsible for coordinating all of your healthcare needs to other medical care providers, and this includes your family and medical history.


How to choose a Primary Care Provider


Assess your personal health needs. Do you need chronic medical condition management? Do you need an annual wellness check up? These factors can determine how you choose a primary care physician that specializes in family medicine, internal medicine, obstetrics/gynecology and pediatrics.

Review physician credentials. You can search online or call the practice and ask if the physician you are looking to choose is board-certified. It is important to address this question in advance of your first appointment to start with the best relationship possible.

Consider where the practice is located. The most convenient locations for most people are close to home or work. Other things to consider are the days and times the practice is open and if they offer walk-in, same-day or next-day appointments.

Health Insurance. Make sure you choose a physician or practice that is in your network or current health plan. Review your plan each year during the open enrollment to ensure the physician is a participating provider on your insurance plan from year to year.