G-60 Program

G-60 Program for older trauma patients

If you're 60 and older and suffer a traumatic injury, you can sustain more serious injuries than a younger patient with similar trauma. In addition, you often experience more complications from your trauma injuries due to chronic medical conditions.

Designing a distinct medical program that tailors care to older trauma patients has led to better overall patient outcomes. G-60 (fracture Identification and treatment in patients 60-plus) is the older adult trauma services program at HonorHealth's three hospitals with a Level I Trauma Center.

Developed by Alicia Mangram, MD, medical director at John C. Lincoln Medical Center's Trauma and Critical Care Services, the program:

Led by a trauma surgeon, the G-60 program:

  • Expedites identification and triage of potential G-60 patients in Emergency Departments and Level I Trauma Centers
  • Immediately activates the G-60 clinical team when an eligible patient is identified
  • Expedites hospital admission of G-60 patients, typically within two hours of arrival at the Emergency Department
  • Assigns the patient to the designated G-60 inpatient units
  • Schedules surgery within 48 hours for older patients with orthopedic injuries to improve outcomes

Patient benefits

Patients in the G-60 program benefit from:

  • A multi-disciplinary team of specially trained clinical staff dedicated to caring for older patients. The team includes trauma surgeons, registered nurses, nurse practitioners, hospitalists, physical rehabilitation specialists, a floor nurse supervisor, physical/occupational/ speech therapists, respiratory therapists, nutritionists, pharmacists, social workers and case managers.
  • Expedited care that begins at arrival at the Emergency Department
  • Private hospital rooms
  • Rooms with special accommodations for older adults, including softer lighting, larger clocks and built-in handles and fixtures to move more safely (currently available at John C.Lincoln Medical Center and Scottsdale Osborn Medical Center)

For more information about the G-60 program, call Trauma Services at 602-870-6059.

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