Advance directives

Advance directives, which are documents such as a living will, medical and/or mental health power of attorney and prehospital do not resuscitate directive, help ensure that your family understands your wishes — and follows them — in the event something happens to you.

Arizona Advance Directive Registry enables you to download forms from its website and then file the completed forms with the registry so that they are accessible to health care providers in Arizona in case of an emergency.

The process to create advance directives is simple. Just follow these easy steps:

1. Complete the forms

For further reference, see the Arizona Secretary of State's Guide to Filing Advance Directives.

2. Share your decisions with loved ones

Once you complete the documents, talk with your family, close friends and physicians about the documents and the decisions you have made. You may also want to provide them with copies of the documents.

3. Send copies of the documents to the Arizona Advance Directive Registry

There is no fee to register your forms, and the registry provides a safe, confidential place to store them. If they're ever needed, health care providers in Arizona will be able to access them to determine your wishes.

If you have a question about creating an advance directive, contact the Attorney General's office or call 602-542-5025.