Committed to serving our community

We're a community-based, not-for-profit organization, which means we're committed to serving our community, including providing care even if you can't afford it. We balance that commitment with our need to operate responsibly and continue our services.

With that in mind, we objectively evaluate your individual circumstances. We offer discounted services (Espanol/English) when you need them and when we can provide them while maintaining sound business practices.

We work to identify when you are in need of assistance (Espanol/English) paying for health care, both when you're being treated and afterward through our collection process. If you do ask for help, know that your dignity and privacy are always our priority.

We offer Basic Financial Assistance (Espanol/English) and Financial Assistance (Espanol/English) for those who qualify.

For questions regarding financial assistance call 480-882-5207.

The providers listed as "COVERED" under policy, are covered under the HonorHealth Hospital Financial Assistance Policy for services provided in a HonorHealth hospital.