Primary care cash pay pricing information

As an HonorHealth patient, your experience with an HonorHealth healthcare provider is important for your overall well-being. Part of your experience is understanding the typical costs you may incur during a visit with your primary care doctor.

Preventive visits

Preventive visits are the foundation of a healthy lifestyle and should happen on an annual basis. Charges vary by your age and if you are a new or established patient.

Preventive visit by age Prompt pay (average price paid if paid in cash at time of visit) Direct pay (average price paid, if paying in cash and making payments over time)
Infant < 1 year

New: $127

Existing: $99

New: $182

Existing: $142

1 – 4

New: $137

Existing: $111

New $195

Existing: $158

5 – 11

New $135

Existing: $109

New: $193

Existing: $156

12 – 17

New: $146

Existing: $120

New: $209

Existing: $171

18 – 39

New: $146

Existing: $121

New: $209

Existing: $173

40 -64

New: $171

Existing: $134

New: $244

Existing: $191

65 and older

New: $186

Existing: $148

New: $266

Existing: $212

Electrocardiogram (ECG) $19 $26

Office visits

Sometimes you need to see the doctor outside your annual visit. Cash pay prices for an office visit with your primary care doctor will vary depending on the complexity of and number of problems, and the amount of time you spend with your doctor. The range is from $47 to $215 with an average of $112 for a new patient, and $23 to $151 with an average of $76 for an established patient.

Sports physicals

The cash pay price for a sports physical at an HonorHealth primary care office is $25.

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