Options for the uninsured

HonorHealth will work with you to determine if you are eligible for financial assistance. There are several ways you can pay your bill, and we'll help find the right one for your financial needs.


We offer a variety of options to help you pay the balance of your bill after your insurance provider has contributed. Payment is due in full within 30 days of receiving the first bill from HonorHealth. We accept cash, checks, money orders and all major credit cards.

If you can't pay the balance within 30 days, call our customer service representatives Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 623-300-9044 to arrange a payment plan. We can offer discounts for prompt payment as well as affordable monthly plans based upon your income.

Financial Assistance

We can assist you in applying for state Medicaid assistance, or other charitable programs. HonorHealth also may reduce or eliminate patient financial responsibility for medically necessary and appropriate treatment where the patient qualifies under financial hardship guidelines. Determination of financial hardship is based upon household income, expenses; and extenuating circumstances.

To apply for financial assistance you will need to complete a written application and provide any information that is reasonably necessary, to verify your financial information. Any patient in need of information on how to apply for financial assistance:

  • Prior to service, contact 623-580-5800.
  • At time of service (registration) mention your interest and the process will be initiated.
  • After service contact Patient Financial Services at 623-300-9044.

Learn more about our Financial Assistance Program.