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Fertility Preservation After a Cancer Diagnosis

Each year, nearly 150,000 Americans under the age of 45 are diagnosed with cancer. Thanks to the advanced cancer treatment options available today, the survival rate in young patients is high. Unfortunately, survival may come with at least one unexpected and emotionally devastating cost — the loss of future fertility.

This is a concern for both men and women, and every cancer patient's risk for infertility is different and depends on many factors. The good news is that in most cases, men and women facing cancer still can become parents, thanks to fertility preservation options.

Our Cancer Fertility Preservation Program lets you protect your fertility before cancer treatment begins through the most advanced treatments for fertility preservation and restoration available today. Our team will help you understand how your cancer affects your risk of infertility and assist you and your oncologist in deciding which options are best for you prior to treatment.

We'll help you fight your cancer without the worry of losing your ability to have the family you desire.

To learn more, contact one of our cancer care coordinators at 480-323-1255 or 877-273-3639.