Neurological therapy

If you're recovering from surgery or dealing with a neurological disorder, stroke or impairment, HonorHealth's team of specially trained therapists can help. They have years of experience in neurological issues and can help you get the right treatment.

Our team of multi-disciplinary specialists — including speech, physical and occupational therapists — use state-of-the art therapy technology and the latest treatment techniques to help you make positive steps toward improved mobility, communication and self care.

Our certified therapists will evaluate you and your health history, discuss your therapy goals and work closely with your physician to develop a personal treatment plan, focusing on the area where you need support the most. During each subsequent one-hour session, you'll receive one-on-one care to help you make progress safely and quickly.

We also coordinate care with other facility experts to address such concerns as traumatic injuries, Parkinson's disease, and balance and vestibular issues.


Neurological Therapy and Parkinson's Therapy

Family conferences are available as needed to provide progress updates and address questions or concerns.

For more information, see our outpatient therapy locations or call 480-882-4934.