Swallowing and speech therapy

When faced with bothersome voice, speech or swallowing disorders, you simply want relief. HonorHealth has highly trained speech therapists who can help restore your speech and swallowing capabilities.

You'll receive a thorough evaluation and a personal treatment plan, including therapy for speech, language, cognitive, voice, stuttering and swallowing issues.

These issues are often associated with voice mechanisms, swallowing mechanisms, or neurological, physical or functional changes in the brain. Your therapist can help you take steps toward improvement.

Therapists specialize in the evaluation and treatment of:

  • Cognitive issues, such as problems with talking, reading, writing, math computations, understanding, memory, reasoning and problem solving.
  • Speech disorders, using augmentative communication devices such as "talking computers" or "talking machines" for people who cannot speak.
  • Voice problems, such as hoarseness, vocal cord growths or vocal cord dysfunction.
  • Swallowing issues, such as problems with swallowing and/or choking when eating and drinking. HonorHealth's therapists also are certified in the latest treatment techniques, including swallow and Vital Stim therapy.
  • Voice and/or swallowing problems commonly associated with cancer of the mouth, tongue or throat.

Speech and swallow therapy forms

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