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Wound Management - Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs wound management?
If you have a wound that hasn't healed in six to eight weeks, you may benefit from treatment at HonorHealth's Hyperbaric Medicine & Wound Management Center.

What causes non-healing wounds?
Non-healing, or chronic wounds, are commonly caused by diabetes, poor circulation or collagen vascular disease. HonorHealth's wound specialists offer personalized treatments to help you find relief and healing.

How does wound management work?
Physicians, certified wound nurses, or dressing and orthotics specialists evaluate your health history, run tests for additional information (such as blood analysis to determine oxygen flow to the affected area) and work with you to develop a personal treatment plan to promote healing.

If I see a doctor at the wound management center, can I still see my own doctor?
Of course, and we'll work closely with your personal doctor. In fact, many physicians refer their patients to a wound management center, and we consider your doctor a partner in your care. Your personal physician will receive communication on your progress.

What else can you tell me about wound management?
HonorHealth specialists work as a team to treat your wounds. If needed, your care team will expand to include a clinical dietitian, a physical therapist, an orthotic specialist or a podiatrist.

Is wound management covered by insurance?
Most health insurance plans cover wound management treatment. Call 480-882-6700 for details.