Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy helps you heal faster by breathing 100 percent pure oxygen to encourage tissue growth. During hyperbaric oxygen therapy at HonorHealth, you can receive treatment in our spacious, 12-person chamber or in the comfort of a single-patient unit, depending on your needs.

Boosted Oxygen for Healing

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy treats a variety of conditions, including chronic wounds. During therapy, you breathe in the 100 percent oxygen under increased atmospheric pressure. This process allows your lungs to gather more oxygen than normal, and your blood carries the oxygen throughout your body to promote healing. Oxygen is a key factor in tissue growth and healing.

The therapy helps to:

  • Improve oxygen levels in body tissue.
  • Aid healing.
  • Fight infections.
  • Promote blood vessel formation.
  • Preserve damaged tissue.
  • Reduce effects of toxic substances.
  • Eliminate gas bubble obstructions.

What to Expect

Throughout the process, you're monitored by a specially trained caregiver. You may have access to television, movies, music, reading or resting, depending on your therapy plan.

Because the benefits of therapy come from the increased oxygen in the bloodstream, as opposed to oxygen's direct contact with wounds, your wound dressings are usually left in place.

During the therapy you may feel pressure in your ears similar to the sensation you feel when landing in an airplane. A specialist will tell you how to clear your ears.

Preparing for Therapy

Your hyperbaric team will help you prepare. But here a few tips they often share with you:

  • Wear 100 percent cotton clothing with no zippers or snaps. A gown will be provided if needed.
  • Hair spray, makeup, synthetic clothing, oils, lotion, grease and newspapers are not permitted.
  • You may be asked to take 400 units of vitamin E daily during treatment to promote healing.
  • Don't smoke. Smoking decreases the treatment's effectiveness.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy insurance coverage varies by procedure and insurance type. Cash payment options also are available. Please check with your insurance provider or our referral office for details.

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