Family medicine scholarly activity program

As part of improving patient care and professional development, all residents in the Family Medicine Residency Program acquire the ability to:

  • Investigate and evaluate their care of patients.
  • Appraise and incorporate scientific evidence into their practice.
  • Continually learn throughout their medical career.

Residents learn the basic principles of research including how research is conducted, evaluated, explained to patients and applied to their patients' care. Residents participate in scholarly activity including completing a quality improvement project and an additional research project. Opportunities include presenting case reports, clinical reviews, quality improvement projects, research projects through posters and podium presentations at regional or national conferences and publications in medical journals. Several residents have won awards through these opportunities.

The following executive summary is organized into three parts. In Part I, scholarly activity processes and structures are identified and described. Part II provides details regarding resources in place to support scholarly research activities. Part III presents a list of recent faculty and resident activities.

Scholarly Activity Report – Family Medicine Residency Program