Getting Started

Thank you for your interest in HonorHealth Bariatric Center's weight loss programs. As a prospective patient, you have a few steps that help you explore various surgical and nonsurgical weight loss options and the patient experience at HonorHealth. See a printable version of these steps. (PDF)

HonorHealth - bariatric weight loss program questions  Step 1. Attend a seminar

Your first step is to attend a seminar. These seminars are led by HonorHealth's bariatric surgeons. You'll learn everything you need to know about obesity and how to get the help you deserve. Questions addressed include:

  • What are HonorHealth's obesity treatment options and how do each of them work?
  • What are the chances for success and what are the risks for each type of treatment?
  • How long will I be in the hospital?
  • When will I be back to work?
  • What are the costs involved? Is it covered by insurance or Medicare?
  • What makes HonorHealth Bariatric Center the best place to have my weight loss surgery?

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HonorHealth - bariatric weight loss program questions  Step 2. Complete and submit paperwork

Once you've attended a seminar, you'll be asked to complete and submit new patient paperwork. The packet is in a printable (PDF) format.

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HonorHealth - bariatric weight loss program questions  Step 3. You'll be scheduled for your first appointment

HonorHealth Bariatrics Center staff will set up your appointment to being the journey.



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What else should I know?

Most insurance companies require supervised medical weight loss as a pre-requisite to surgery. Please plan accordingly and check with your insurance plan for its requirements.

Cash pay options are also available for select bariatric services.