Cancer research and clinical trials at HonorHealth

HonorHealth's cancer research program at the HonorHealth Research Institute is an international powerhouse because its top scientists focus endless energy on one mission: curing cancer. The program is changing how the world treats cancer through the development of new cancer drugs and fast-tracking their FDA approval.

As a leader in clinical research, HonorHealth's program gives you access to clinical trials from phase I to phase IV, with a special focus in early drug development. You could benefit from:

  • The potential to have access to new medications or treatment approaches before they're made available to the public
  • Being closely monitored by the study coordinator and physician
  • Support from a navigator throughout your treatment
  • Contributing to the advancement of medical care
  • A concierge service offering you and your family help with questions and referrals
  • Services and resources through the HonorHealth Cancer Care, including genetic counseling and testing; patient and family support groups; Tina's Treasures, a cancer patient boutique; and body, mind and spirit programs

In fact, if you're a newly diagnosed patient in HonorHealth Cancer Care, you'll be screened to see if you qualify for a clinical trial. A trial is an option at any stage of your cancer journey. You don't have to wait until other treatments have failed to enroll in a trial. You'll be joining cancer patients from across Arizona and the U.S., and from other countries.

Each clinical trial has specific eligibility criteria — requirements you have to meet before you can participate. Your clinical trials navigator will help you make a decision.

Cancer care advances

Since its launch in 2005, HonorHealth's cancer research program has established strong partnerships with leading universities, nonprofit organizations and medical device and drug companies. HonorHealth's remarkable achievements in cancer research include:

  • Finding the cure for metastatic basal cell carcinoma
  • FDA approval for six cancer treatment drugs, brought to market in record time
  • Four drugs fast tracked through the FDA, including onivyde, the first drug to be approved as a second-line treatment for pancreatic cancer. The drug increased overall survival without a negative impact on patients' quality of life
  • RADAR (Rapid Detection and Assessment of Response), a one-of-a-kind rapid cancer detection program developed through collaboration between Arizona physicians and the HonorHealth Research Institute