Why choose HonorHealth for your cancer treatment?

No matter who you are, a cancer diagnosis is tough to hear.

Questions flood your brain: Will you be able to mark the milestones you always expected — a fulfilling career, kids, grandkids, a relaxing retirement or that special trip? Will you find the right doctors, the right treatments and the right hospital to outmaneuver cancer?

You should know that today, more than 50% of all cancers are cured — yes, cured — because of early detection and innovative treatments.

Redefining cancer care

Twenty years ago, HonorHealth established the Virginia G. Piper Cancer Center to provide comprehensive cancer care for patients and their families. Known throughout the Southwest for its commitment to providing personalized cancer care, the center is recognized for its innovative combination of community cancer services, academic medicine and genomic cancer research. Today, HonorHealth has extended its cancer services through a network across metro Phoenix. HonorHealth Cancer Care features:


HonorHealth treats every kind of adult cancer, but the network has specialized programs for:

A cancer care destination

As a resident of the Phoenix metro area, you'll receive sophisticated cancer care in your own backyard. If you live outside metropolitan Phoenix, you'll be one of many who make HonorHealth a destination for their cancer care.

At HonorHealth, you can see a care provider within 48 hours of your initial diagnosis or request for services. When your HonorHealth expert consults with you, he or she activates a network of other experts; they work as a team to manage your health. You'll find:

  • A cancer care navigator guiding your every step
  • Immediate access to the latest groundbreaking cancer treatment methods
  • Treatment that harnesses the power of your immune system
  • Treatment based on your genetic make-up
  • Partnerships with the world's leading cancer providers and pharmaceutical companies
  • Creation of the future of cancer care through clinical trials
  • Personalized care and support services
  • Interception of cancer before it happens through genetic counseling and screening
  • Arizona's most successful blood cancer and stem cell transplant program