Kangaroo care

Kangaroo care means that you hold your baby skin to skin against your chest.

The baby wears a hat with a warm blanket over his/her back and your body keeps the baby warm. This method is often used with preemies or smaller infants, but can be used with any infant in the special care nursery.

Kangaroo care

Benefits of kangaroo care for your baby

  • Stabilization of your baby's heart rate
  • Improved or more regular breathing pattern
  • Improved oxygen levels in your baby's blood
  • Increased sleep time
  • More rapid weight gain
  • Less crying
  • Successful breastfeeding
  • Earlier hospital discharge

Benefits of kangaroo care for you

  • Improved bonding and feelings of closeness with your baby
  • Increased breast milk supply
  • Increased confidence in your ability to care for your baby
  • Increased sense of control

Holding your infant skin to skin increases your milk supply and helps acquaint your baby with the breast. With its unique antibodies, breast milk is especially important for preemies and infants who may be fighting an infection.

Dads can also experience kangaroo care to feel closer to their baby.

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