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Cancer Transplant Institute

Depending on the type of blood cancer you have and the stage it's in, you may need a peripheral stem cell transplant, also commonly known as a bone marrow transplant.

The HonorHealth Cancer Transplant Institute, located at the Virginia G. Piper Cancer Center, cares for patients with blood cancers, such as leukemia, lymphoma and multiple myeloma. From your initial consultation to your care following a transplant, you're guided and kept informed throughout the process.

We will work with you to develop a personal treatment plan to battle your blood cancer.

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Our team is specially trained in oncology and stem cell transplantation. Your care is our top concern, as is our effort to help you cope with anxiety and emotional distress that often accompany cancer.

What is Stem Cell Transplant?

This procedure replaces damaged or destroyed bone marrow with healthy bone marrow stem cells. Bone marrow is the soft, fatty tissue inside your bones, and stem cells are immature cells in the bone marrow that give rise to all of your blood cells.

There are two types of transplants — autologous, in which your own cells are used, and allogeneic, in which a donor's cells are required. In fact, for the majority of transplants, cells collected from a patient's own blood are used instead of bone marrow.

Disease Types Commonly Treated with a Transplant:

Which Transplant is Right for You?

The choice of which form of transplant you may require is often based on the type of cancer that you have, how you have responded to treatment, and your general health. During your initial visit, your physician will discuss with you which transplant is more appropriate as well as the risks and benefits to each approach.

Accreditations and Bone Marrow Registry

Your stem cell transplant will meet the high standards mandated by FACT, the Foundation for the Accreditation of Cellular Therapy. The Cancer Transplant Institute is accredited by FACT for adult transplants.

The institute is also an accredited member of the National Marrow Transplant Program, a prestigious program that boasts a registry of 11 million donors and organizations from around the world. This means you'll have access to the most comprehensive list of donors, should you need one for your stem cell transplant.

To speak with a nurse coordinator at the Cancer Transplant Institute, please call 480-323-4590.