Geriatric Medicine Fellowship

The HonorHealth Geriatric Medicine fellowship is committed to improving the health and well-being of all geriatric patients within the HonorHealth community. The principles of an Age-Friendly Health System that focuses on the 4M framework of medication, mentation, mobility and what matters are integral to the fellowship’s mission of ensuring that all older adults receive individualized high quality care. Graduates of the HonorHealth Geriatric Medicine fellowship program obtain the skillset needed to build this essential framework within any community in which they choose to practice. The community focus of our program is in keeping with HonorHealth’s vision to be the partner of choice as we transform healthcare for our communities.

The HonorHealth Geriatric Medicine fellowship is a partnership program between HonorHealth and the Phoenix Veterans Affairs Health Care System designed to train family medicine and internal medicine physicians to become excellent geriatric clinicians, educators, and leaders in the community with an awareness of the societal need for geriatricians who practice high value, cost effective medicine.

Program Director

Jessica Berdeja, MD, Medical Director, Geriatrics, HonorHealth

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Jessica Berdeja, MD; Amber Hennenhoefer, DO; Rama Kunkle, DO; Adam Sabbath, MD; Todd Levine, MD; Jeanette Boohene, MD; Marc Gottlieb, MD; Eric Maskin, DO; Paul Stander, MD; Amy Frazier, MD; Theresa Nieman, MD; Gillian Hamilton, MD; Ned Stolzberg, MD

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