Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology Fellowship

The HonorHealth Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology Fellowship is committed to develop leading clinical cardiac electrophysiologists through exposure to high quality clinical care, didactic and self-directed education, and diverse scholarly opportunities.

As a program, we provide comprehensive training in all possible aspects of consultative, invasive, and advanced cardiac arrhythmia management of common and rare arrhythmia disorders. We aim to provide a unique learning environment for our fellows that combines true hands-on teaching at state-of-the-art invasive clinical electrophysiology facilities, a wide range of mentored research opportunities and an intense clinical training with abundantly diverse pathology. Our primary mission is to produce regional and national leaders in electrophysiology able to deliver high quality care within the evolving constraints of the healthcare system.

Program aims

  • Develop electrophysiology specialists who are competent in procedural excellence
  • Create opportunities for research and other academic endeavors
  • Enhance professional development of organizational skills, team building, and familiarity with political and financial hurdles of clinical practice
  • Create an environment that promotes physician wellness and safety

The Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology fellowship is affiliated with the HonorHealth Cardiovascular Disease fellowship. The programs work in concert with each other for the improvement of patient care, research, and education for all trainees.

Our program is 24 months in length and can be undertaken after completion of a cardiovascular fellowship.


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Welcome message

Thank you for your interest in the Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology Fellowship program at HonorHealth. Cardiac electrophysiology offers an opportunity to improve patient lives that few other specialties offer. The mission of our program is to train cardiac electrophysiology fellows to competently perform standard and complex ablations, placement of cardiac electrophysiology devices and utilize pharmaceutical agents to treat arrhythmias in and out of the hospital. Our patients develop relationships with us for their entire lives. For me, the opportunity to affect quantifiable change in patient lives is humbling. At the HonorHealth Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology fellowship program, we aspire to impart the same ideals to future electrophysiologists by training them to master the skills in the laboratory and learning to build lifelong partnerships with patients in their care. My vision is to extend our quality of care across the nation and beyond by training highly skilled electrophysiologists that cherish and treasure observing their patients' lives improve due to the care they provided to them. Our program offers training in every facet of electrophysiology, and we pride ourselves on being part of some of the leading research efforts in the industry.

If our vision appeals to you as a physician and a healer, you are already the future leader we wish to have as part of our team. We hope you join us.

Junaid Bhutto, MD - HonorHealth Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology Fellowship Program Director

Dr. Junaid Bhutto, MD
Fellowship Director

Now accepting applications

HonorHealth's Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology fellowship program accepts applications through the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS).
The program does not sponsor visas. To be eligible to apply, applicants must have successfully completed three years of cardiovascular fellowship training after an internal medicine residency both of which must be ACGME accredited by the time the clinical cardiac electrophysiology program begins in July.

Interested applicants should complete the application through ERAS.


Program Director

Junaid Bhutto, MD


Associate Program Director

Ankur Karnik, MD


Core faculty

  • Rahul Doshi, MD
  • Thomas Ross, MD


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